Brice Cochran and a PavilionMy diverse experiences and skills lend themselves to creative processes, whether building a home from foundation to move-in or analyzing data and facilitating website improvements to maximize the rate of return.
More than a decade ago, I discovered a passion for timber framing, a craft driven by both artistry and mathematics. The craft of timber framing offers more than one lifetime’s worth of learning opportunities, and to do it well – anticipating challenges, spotting issues in the planning rather than execution phase, and incorporating unique elements in each project – requires one to be nimble and responsive.
Development of these skills has led me to other areas in the building arena, and beyond. I have long designed timber frames, but with Timber Frame HQ, I discovered an opportunity to make timber frame plans and projects accessible to everyone. The frames I design and the articles I write are based on deep knowledge of building and design but are clear and straightforward so the casual do-it-yourself weekend carpenter can connect with the information and get the most out of it. Timber Frame HQ also serves as a platform to connect people with one another: homeowners and prospective clients can find the professionals who will best serve their vision for a new home or other timber frame structure.
Along the way to developing Timber Frame HQ, I discovered an aptitude for website design, search engine optimization, online marketing analysis, and optimization of return on investment for online marketing and sales. I’ve enjoyed developing this skill and now support timber frame and related companies as they expand their reach on the internet; my deep knowledge of project management and the building industry gives me an inside track in assessing a company’s needs and market so I can efficiently and cost-effectively serve their interests.