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Timber Frame HQ

A passion of mine is timber framing so I created a online resource to share this craft and educate folks to make projects successful.

Whetstone Designs

The home of my timber frame and residential design firm, we specialize in solving your structural needs with timbers.

Moresun Construction

A joint effort of folks building the highest quality and efficient custom homes in Oconee County, SC.
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Brice Cochran and a PavilionHello everyone!  My name is Brice Cochran and I am the creator of Timber Frame HQ and own a small design firm. I am married to my wife Christie of thirteen years, and have two young children, Maddie and Liam.

I first got into timber framing after years of doing fun and odd jobs, such as auto mechanic, substitute teaching, and most fun, raft guiding.  After getting married though, I decided that I really wanted to settle down and do something that incorporated two of my lifelong passions-art and math.
I started off my timber framing career as an apprentice for a local timber framer.  After working in the shop and picking up some good techniques, I decided to design and build our first timber frame house. It was a smaller house, but good practice nonetheless to take it from the ground up.  

Right before the time that I was about to launch my own business, I was offered a job with a timber frame company in another state. Since our daughter was about to make her appearance into the world, I thought it would be a great opportunity to have work guaranteed and to be able to work with some nationally known timber frame designers.  While I learned a lot during my three years there, and was able to work on some complex timber frames, I still had the itch to do my own thing.  In late 2009, I started Whetstone Designs, LLC.  It is a company that focuses on high quality timber frame design for all sizes and budgets.

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